Achieve Today, Lead Tomorrow.



We, all stakeholders at Chilchinbeto Community School will develop and enhance the mental, physical, emotional, social, and cultural growth of our children to become versatile, caring and contributing members of society.



We, all stakeholders at Chilchinbeto Community School believe that our children will learn, comprehend, practice, and apply:

  1. ​The academic knowledge to enrich their mental growth.

  2. A healthy lifestyle to nourish their physical growth.

  3. Self-identity, compassion, respect for self and others to enhance their emotional growth.

  4. ​The knowledge of relationships (k’é) of all living things to enhance their social growth. ​

  5. Positive beliefs and values as their foundation to live a prosperous and harmonious life.

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Achieve Today, Lead Tomorrow

K’ad óhooł’aah, náasdi bee’ ánít’éedoo.