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AI + Criminal Justice: New Summer Project for Middle and High School Students

This is Ben from Inspirit AI, the artificial intelligence education program run by graduate students from Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. I wanted to reach out with more information on our new project track AI + Criminal Justice, focused on the ethical use of AI in the legal system.

In this project track, students will discover hidden racial biases in the machine learning systems used today for deciding criminal prosecutions and explore different definitions of fairness and sources of bias as they create and analyze fairer ML models. Along the way, they’ll build their skills in AI, Python, and probability. The project is suited for students with no coding experience, and diverse interests in ethics, law, psychology, and more! Students also have the ability to work on other projects in domains such as disease discovery, space exploration, and environmental sustainability!

Students are welcome to apply at this application link. Applications for our summer sessions are due by May 31st. No prior programming experience is needed, so students of all skill levels are welcome to apply!

If you have any questions, or would like to apply, contact Marilyn Henry at the school.

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