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6th, 7th and 8th grade STUDENT INCENTIVES

Ways to get INCENTIVES

Classwork-Goggle-Submission: Achieve 3000, IXL, Read Works: Student work must range within the 80 to 100% to be considered.

ARC BOOKSHELF: Large PIZZA at the end of the month are only rewarded to students with documentation that they have been reading 30 minutes in their own colored book level. Arc Bookshelf Conferencing with teacher every week two times The data will be generated at the end of the month and cross reference with your recorded log to confirm.

ATTENDANCE: Only for students with Perfect Attendance will enter the drawing for a bike. The attendance report will be generated on the last of school. Attendance and Class Participation Everyday-Be on time, stay on zoom the entire time.

Pictures of SOME of the Student Incentives

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