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Welcome to Chilchinbeto Community School, Inc. Exceptional Student Services. 


To adhere to our school’s mission we are part of the developing and enhancing our children becoming a well-rounded, caring and individual that will be contributing to our society.  Our goal is with the vision of achieving today and leading tomorrow.  Our Exceptional Student Services is distinct by the individualized instruction to meet the needs of each student with a disability. 


Students with disability are students that have been

referred, evaluated and identified with eligible as having:  

  • Autism

  • Developmental Delay 

  • Emotional Disability

  • Hearing Impairment

  • Mild/Moderate Intellectual Disability

  • Multiple Disabilities

  • Multiple Disabilities with Severe Sensory Impairment

  • Orthopedic Impairment

  • Other Health Impairment

  • Preschool Severe Delay

  • Specific Learning Disability

  • Speech/Language Impairment 

  • Severe Intellectual Disability

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Visual Impairment 

Exceptional Student Services will have Child Find schedule for the continuous process screening, and evaluation designed to locate, identify, and refer as early as possible all young children with disabilities who are in need of early intervention program or special education services.

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Cheryl Laughter
ESS Coordinator
(928) 697-3800 x11

Cyndi Charley
ESS Technician
(928) 697- 3800 x11

Francina Yazzie
ESS Technician
(928) 697- 3800 x11

Darrell Yazzie
ESS Technician
(928) 697-3800 x11

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