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Overview of Chilchinbeto Community School Technology 

Chilchinbeto Community School Information Technology builds, manages and maintains School technology infrastructure, including telephone and networks used by students and staff to serve educational goals. Native Innovation also manages the School central data center, which houses most of the computer servers used by CCS, and directs the development of certain computer applications projects.

Chilchinbeto Community School works with Native Innovation by providing for new investments in, and major upgrades and improvements to, CCS’s existing technology networks and systems. The funds, for example, upgrades Teacher laptops and staff workstations and student devices (chromebooks) that are utilized in classrooms or offices, communications infrastructure, data links, and major improvements.


CCS and Native Innovation in 2019-2020 provided the following projects:

  • Planning, repair, and modifications of various data communications infrastructure.

  • Providing for secure workstations with new anti-virus software.

  • Installing additional Ethernet cable links for various department network access/cameras.

  • Replacing software, hardware and electronics. Data network to introduce improved service and features.

  • Implementing new servers and data management systems

  • Tested KG students for academic assessment/evaluation.

  • Maintains staff Federal Information Security Systems Awareness training along with Defensive Driving account creation for compliance

  • Assisted in maintaining student information through NASIS for ISEP

  • Review and modification of School enrollment packet and providing an open digital copy

  • Door entrance coding will be upgraded to card swiping.

Project Selection Process

CCS IT and Native Innovation will select projects based upon system software and hardware performance in both effectiveness and efficiency. In some cases, responsive for rising situations or foreseeable preventive maintenance.  


  1. Upgrade and replace server this school year 2019-2020 along with security/safety features.

Cornelia Kedelty
(928) 697-3800 x1109

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