Open Enrollment Policy

Chilchinbeto Community School has an open enrollment policy. All new enrolled students will be required to follow CCS background check. Student background checks are evaluated by school register, teachers and Principal.

Resident Students

Students who are residents of the community shall be enrolled in the appropriate grade based upon age, prior school achievement and the completion of a school enrollment packet. An enrollment packet is not complete until all appropriate documentation is provided, including but not limited to evidence of the student’s age, residence, and immunization records. Homeless children may be admitted pending receipt of these documents.


Adult Students

Mary Rule


(928) 697-3800/3802

Velma Begaye

Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

(928) 697-3800/3802

Terry Tso

Dean of Students

Parent Involvement Educator

(928) 697-3800/3802

Marilyn Henry


Grant Coordinator

(928) 697-3800/3802